09/12/05 - LKA championship show, judge Lesley Spencer (Terriles)

Quintavia Quintessence and  Quintavia Quantum Leap 2nd, Quintavia Wild Time 3rd

30/10/05 - The Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association

Judge Alan Crossley, Quintavia Wild Time 1st, Best Red/Golden Puppy, Stan 1st, Betty 2nd and Peggy 3rd.

23/10/05 - North of England Cocker Club

Judge Christina Daniels, Quintavia Wild Time 1st Puppy, Best Puppy In Show, Quintavia Quantum Leap 1st, Quintavia Quintessence 4 th, Charbonnel Playtime at Quintavia 4th.

16/10/05 - North Wales Cocker Spaniel Open Show

Judge: Janneta Fairburn. Quintavia Wild Time 1st, Charbonnel Silk 'N' Rose 1st, Quintavia Quintessence 1st.

25/09/05 - Worksop and District Canine Society

Judge: Isobelle Hinchliffe. Quintavia Wild time 1st Puppy and Best Puppy in Breed, Quintavia Quintessence 3rd

17/07/05 - The Cocker Spaniel Club Championship Show

Quintavia Quantum Leap 1st, Quintavia Wild Time 1st. Quintavia Starry Eyed is also placed.

15/05/05 - Blackpool Championship

Quintavia Quantum Leap, 3rd Open dog.

15/05/05 - Crewe & District

Quintavia Starlet 1st & Best Puppy In Breed, Quintavia Quintessence 1st, Charbonnel Silk 'N' Rose 2nd.

14/05/05 - South Wales and Mon Cocker Spaniel Club Open Show

Quintavia Quintessence 1st and BEST IN SHOW ! Quintavia Quantum Leap 1st, Quintavia Enigma 2nd, Quintavia Starlet 3rd, Charbonnel Silk 'N' Rose 3rd

30/04/05 - W.E.L.K.S Championship Show

Charbonnel Silk' N ' Rose 2nd

23/04/05 - United Spaniel

Quintavia Quintessence 1st BOB, Quintavia Enigma 1st, Quintavia Starlet 2nd, Charbonnel Silk 'N' Rose 2nd

17/04/05 - Birmingham and District Gundog and Terrier Club

Quintavia Enigma 1st, Quintavia Quintessence RBOB

03/04/05 - Newcastle (Staffs) Canine Society

Quintavia Starry Eyed 1st, Quintavia Quintessence RBOB.

12/02/05 - Parti-Coloured Cocker Championship Show

Quintavia Quintessence 1st, Quintavia Enigma 2nd and Charbonnel Silk' N' Rose at Quintavia 3rd.

19/02/05 - Cocker Spaniel Club of Lancashire

1st for Quintavia Quantum Leap, Stan. Betty Heidi and Chloe are all placed.

29/01/05 - West of England Cocker Club

Charbonnel silk' N' Rose at Quintavia, Heidi wins puppy bitch and Best puppy in show. 1st for Betty and Stan.